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Fireproofing Corp. of America
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FDNY Certificate of Fitness # 017

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaned Kitchen Exhaust Hood
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We offer FDNY-certified kitchen exhaust cleaning services. Keep your kitchen running to original specification and up to FDNY code with clean and efficient filtration, bare metal hood & grease trap cleaning, and fan & ductwork cleaning. Create a more efficient and safe business with our exhaust system maintenance services.

Grease Duct Cleaning

Fireproofing Corp of America is an Exhaust System Cleaning Company . Our technicians hold W64/P64 Certificates of Fitness with FDNY and are responsible for full system cleaning.
  • Before: uncleaned grease duct
    uncleaned grease duct
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  • After
    cleaned grease duct
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FDNY Certified. # 017

Every crew member has completed our own company training program, then each is required to take and pass the FDNY Certificate of Fitness exam for Kitchen Exhaust Technicians.

Per the code requirements set forth by your (AHJ) Authority Having Jurisdiction, or more often based upon your production schedule Fireproofing Corporation of America crews will access your location with trained professionals to clean and inspect your kitchen grease exhaust duct system. Whether we are completing a specified monthly service, quarterly full system cleaning, vertical riser cleaning, regular or emergency service on an electronic precipitator system, we stand behind our work offering you, the customer, our assurance the job is not billed until you are satisfied with the results. Each man on any of our crews is fully trained by our in-house staff on ladder safety, lock-out and tag-out of fans and electrical equipment, hand and eye protection, and hazard communication in regard to the chemicals they use. This not only protects our business, but yours and your employees from industrial accidents that no one ever wants to happen.

Your business is protected by a one-million dollar general liability insurance policy that is further backed up by nine million dollars of umbrella coverage. These are important factors when you are discussing maintenance issues with your building owner, landlord, or building management firm.

We have done our very best to keep up with every new technology in the Kitchen Exhaust Industry. Whether you use water-wash canopies, grease-eliminating precipitators, our staff of professionals will do their best to keep your equipment running to the manufacturer's specification.