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Commercial Laundry
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Ensure that your property and operations are safe if you have a commercial laundry on Premises. Laundry Exhaust System and duct cleaning by Fireproofing Corporation of America in New York, New York is the safest way to keep your operation running safely and efficiently. We have the tools and knowledge required to better your daily operations, improve dryer efficiency by allowing for better exhaust airflow and keeping electrical usage down because your product is being dried instead of tumbling around the unit for an hour or more and still damp upon removal.

Laundry Exhaust Cleaning

Laundry exhaust system cleaning services are provided to hotels, hospitals, and health care facilities, gyms, and any other facility doing commercial laundry operations. The purpose of our service is to remove the build-up of lint and debris exhausted by the drying process. As anyone that has a dryer at home knows, the lint you find in the lint trap is only a fraction of the lint produced by the drying process. If the lint trap was 100% efficient it would load in a matter of minutes and you would never be able to dry clothing, linens or towels.

As lint and debris pass through the duct, pieces will get caught on screws protruding through the sheet metal, corners, dips in the duct, and particularly at the base of the riser where much of accumulation will be left.
  • Before: uncleaned laundry exhaust
    uncleaned laundry drier air duct
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  • After
    cleaned laundry drier air duct
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The accumulated lint presents an enormous fire hazard. First off, lint is highly flammable and can ignite by the heat of an incandescent bulb. It can also be ignited by a loose electrical wire coming in contact with the outside of a piece of duct. Many of these appliances are gas-fired, so there may well be an open flame at the top of the dryer only a few inches away from a piece of duct with a heavy layer of lint and debris.

Fire prevention is the most important reason for being aware of lint accumulations but energy savings due to reduced drying times as well as lowered temperatures and humidity in the Laundry Production areas give added value to the services we provide for your organization.