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Precipitator Cleaning & Maintenance

smog hog precipitators
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We work with Smog Hog by United Air Specialists™, Air Clean™, Flanders/Air Scrubbers™, and Captive Air™. What more can we say? We have been certified and trained by each of these manufacturers to work on their equipment. Why? Because Fireproofing Corp. has invested the time and money in stocking spare cells, spare filters, spare odor control modules, and spare parts for every one of these models. We have factory-trained techs on every single service to make sure your equipment starts up the next morning after service. Our inventory of spare cells is dip tank cleaned after every service and then bench tested in our shop to make sure the cell will perform in the heaviest grease environments to remove smoke and grease in the exhaust stream.

Each precipitator cell is bench-tested before being sent out
  • Precipitator Cell Testing equipment
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  • Ready and tested precipitator cell
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24-Hour / On-Call Service

We have made a commitment to our customers to remain the only kitchen exhaust cleaning and precipitator service company in the Borough of Manhattan to offer immediate emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have published articles and given training courses to technicians, building engineers, fire officials, and professional associations. We keep units on-site to train our men and our customers on the nuances of keeping these very important pieces of equipment running at peak efficiency.

Precipitator Maintenance Manufacturer Certificates

UAS Smog Hog OEM parts and service supplier
Air Clean Authorized parts and service provider
Halton Air Scrubber OEM parts and service supplier
Captive Aire Service and maintenance provider
Grease Zapper Authorized service provider

Water Wash Detergent for Smog Hog and Other Precipitator Systems

  • 1 Gallon Jug of Aqua Wash
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    5 Gallon Pail of Aqua Wash
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  • Approved and aluminum-safe
    Sizes Sold:
    • 1 gal. (4 gal. case)
    • 5 gal. pail
    • 55 gal. drum

    * Free delivery within Manhattan, or with a 25 gal. or more purchase.

How a Precipitator Works

Electrostatic Precipitator Diagram
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An Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) is a device designed to remove grease particles, smoke, and other particle pollutants from Exhaust System air flow, while only minimally impeding system performance and CFM rate. Its process is electrostatic, with no moving mechanical parts.

An ESP has an array of thin parallel Collection Plates, with alternate rows supplied with either a positive charge or a neutral charge, making strong electrical fields exist in the space between plates. The plates are typically placed 1 to 15cm apart, depending on the make of the system, and allows for unobstructed airflow.

Before grease, smoke, and other particle pollutants within the air flow pass in between the charged plate, they first pass in front of the High Voltage Ionizing Section of the Precipitator Cell. This high voltage section induces a static, positive charge to the grease particle, which is then repelled by the positive (+) plate in the collection section of the cell, and is finally adhered to the neutral collection plate.

Continuing, the air flow can pass through a second set of Precipitator Cells, stripping additional grease from the air stream before entering an Odor Control Housing. Once in the Odor Control Housing the exhaust air will be forced (by the exhaust fan) through a series of Odor Control Filters where a majority of the odor produced by the cooking process will be removed.

Please call us to see how one of these units, properly serviced properly can help your commercial kitchen meet today’s kitchen exhaust standards for odor and particulate removal.